Best China manufacturer & factory Conveyor Chain Roller Chain With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory Conveyor Chain Roller Chain With high quality best price

Due to our sincerity in offering best service to our clients, understanding of your needs and overriding sense of responsibility toward filling ordering requirements,a specialized supplier of a full range of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes….


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Place of OriginIn addition to our two sales offices in the US, EPG employs a nationwide network of sales partners who will provide expert technical support to your company.:Zhejiang, China

–Driven (outer) yoke same as drive yoke but is mounted on the implement. There are two types of shafts, domestic and metric, which are identifiable by their shapes. Domestic are generally one of four shapes: round, square, rectangle or splined. Metric are: bell, star or football shaped. In either case the primary (front) shaft is the same shape as the secondary shaft, only bigger so that the secondary shaft fits inside. This allows a telescoping effect to take place when the implement is raised on the 3 pt. or during a turning movement such as a bailer. All shafts have to be sized before use. Attach the implement to the 3 pt. and raise and support it. Attach the proper end to the tractor and attempt to attach the other to the implement. If the shaft is too long trim one of the shafts with a hack saw and try it again until it fits. This allows for the implement to be raised without binding. The shafts should overlap as much as allowed.

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conveyor chain


conveyor chUnder the guidance of managerial sense of “Serving agriculture, scoring a success through quality of products and honesty in business”, our products have been trusted by clients and have gained a larger share of market.ain and attachment



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Special Roller Chains


Alloy Steel,carbon steel,etc


Chain+Plastic Bag+ Carton+Wooden Case




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Supply Ability:
100000 Meter/Meters per Year

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2.stardard”>1.neutral packing


Shanghai or Ningbo port
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Quantity(Meters) 1 – 100 101 – 1000 1001 – 10000 >10000
Est. Time(days) 7 15 30 To be negotiated

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Conveyor Chains

We can supply a full-range of power transmission products ,such as chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. Our product range also covers locking assemblies (clamping elements/locking device), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, universal joint, rod ends and yokes. Our products are used in many different industry sector, like in automation engineering, drive engineering, conveyor technology, assembly and handling technology, packaging industries, the beverage, food and medical engineering, pharmaceutical production, and laboratory equipment. We also help our customers to make customized different new types of products, according to provided drawings.

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Conveyor Chain Catalog(click the name or type no. to details page)
Name Type No.
roller chains with straight side plates (A series) C08A-1 C10A-1 C12A-1 C16A-1 C20A-1 C24A-1 C28A-1 C32A-1 C08A-2 C10A-2 C12A-2 C16A-2 C20A-2 C24A-2 C28A-2 C32A-2 C08A-3 C10A-3 C12A-3 C16A-3 C20A-3 C24A-3 C28A-3 C32A-3
roller chains with straight side plates (B series) C08B-1 C10B-1 C12B-1 C16B-1 C20B-1 C24B-1 C28B-1 C32B-1 C08B-2 C10B-2 C12B-2 C16B-2 C20B-2 C24B-2 C28B-2 C32B-2 C08B-3 C10B-3 C12B-3 C16B-3 C20B-3 C24B-3 C28B-3 C32B-3
double pitch conveyor chains ISO Chain No./ANSI Chain No.: C208A/C2040 C208AL/C2042 C208AH/C2040H C208B(C208BL) C210A/C2050 C210AL/C2052 C212A/C2060 C212AL/C2062 C212AH/C2060H C212AHL/C2062H C216A/C2080 C216AL/C2082 C216AH/C2080H C216AHL/C2082H C220A/C2100 C220AL/C2102 C220AH/C2100H C220AHL/C2102H C224A/C2120 C224AL/C2122 C224AH/C2120H C224AHL/C2122H C232A/C2160 C232AL/C2162 C232AH/C2160H C232AHL/C2162H
double pitch conveyor chains  with attachments SA-1  SA-2 SK-1 SK-2 A-1 A-2 K-1 K-2 SAA-1 SAA-2 SKK-1 SKK-2 AA-1 AA-2 KK-1 KK-2
double pitch conveyor chains  with special attachments  No.: C2040-1LTR C2050-1LTR C2060-1LTR C2080-1LTR C2100-1LTR ; ISO Chain No./ANSI Chain No.:C208A(C208AL)/C2040(C2042) C210A(C210AL)/C2050(C2052) C212A(C212AL)/C2060(C2062) C212AH(C212AHL)/C2060H(C2062H) C216A(C216AL)/C2080(C2082) C216AH(C216AHL)/C2080H(C2082H) C220A(C220AL)/C2100(C2102) C220AH(C220AHL)/C2100H(C2102H)
double pitch conveyor chain with extended pins ISO Chain No./ANSI Chain No.: C208A/C2040 C208AL/C2042 C210A/C2050 C210AL/C2050 C212A/C2060 C212AL/C2062 C212AH/C2060H C212AHL/C2060H C216A/C2080 C216AL/C2082 C216AH/C2080H C216AHL/C2082H C220A/C2100 C220AH/C2102 C220AH/C2100H C220AHL/C2102H C224AH/C2120H C224AHL/C2122H C232AH/C2160H C232AHL/C2162H 
short pitch conveyor chain with attachments SA-1 SK-1 A-1 K-1 WA-1 WA-2 WK-1 WK-2 WSA-1 WSA-2 WSK-1 WSK-2 AA-1 KK-1 SAA-1 SKK-1 D-1 D-3
double pius speed chains BS25-C206B BS25-C208A BS25-C210A BS25-C212A BS30-C206B BS30-C208A BS30-C210A BS30-C212A 
08BS 12BS 12BS-P26
conveyor chains (M series) M20 M28 M40 M56 M80 M112 M160 M224 M315 M450 M630 M900
conveyor chains with attachments(M series) M160 M224 M315 M450 M630 M900
conveyor chains (MT series) MT20 MT28 MT40 MT56 MT80 MT112 MT160 MT224 MT315 MT450
hollow pin conveyor chains (MC series) MC28 MC56 MC112 MC224
conveyor chains (FV series) FV40 FV63 FV90 FV112 FV140 FV180 FV250 FV315 FV400 FV500 FV630
conveyor chains with attachments(FV series) FV40 FV63 FV90 FV112 FV140 FV180 FV250 FV315 FV400 FV500 FV630
conveyor chains (FVT series) FVT40 FVT63 FVT90 FVT112 FVT140 FVT180 FVT250 FVT315
hollow pin conveyor chains (FVC series) FVC63 FVC90 FVC112 FVC140 FVC180 FVC250 FVC315
conveyor chains (Z series) Z40 Z100 Z160 Z300
conveyor chains with attachments(Z series) Z40 Z100 Z160 Z300
conveyor chains (ZE series) ZE40 ZE100 ZE160 ZE300
conveyor chains (ZC series) ZC21 ZC40 ZC60 ZC150 ZC300
palm chain RF90R-S RF94R-S SC150040
conveyor chains for textile machinery MSR2856-M16
converyor chains for steel plant KMP250  C50.8 C63 C100  M450a-315  KMP160 C76.2 C315
conveyor chains for spray plated production line P=101.60
Flat-top conveyor chains C12S C13S C14S C16S C18S C20S C24S C30S C30D
25.4-CS54 25.4-CS63 25.4-CS71 25.4-CS75  25.4-CS82 25.4-CS88 25.4-CS98 36-CS80 36-CS90 38.1-CS53  38.1-CS65
Multiflex conveyor chains 1400 1400TAB 2600-O 2600TAB-O
Printer Chains PR80-1LUA-1-2LiA-D-8LSR
Hollow pin chains 08BHPF 08BHPF5 08BHPF9 10BHPF3 10BHPF4 12BHPF2 12BHPF3 16BHPF3 16BHPF4 40HP  08BHPF7 08BHP 50HP 50HPF4 50H-HP 60HP 60HPF1 80HP 80HPF1 80HPF2 80H-HP 80HPF3 80HPF4 HB41.75F5 A2080HP 
HP12.5 C08BHP C40HP C50HP  C60HP C80HP C2040HP C2040HPF1 C2050HP C2060HP C2060H-HP HB38.1F8 HP40F1 HP40F2 HP50F1 HP50F7 HP50F10 C2080HP HB55 HB55F1 
10BHB 12BHP 60HB 12AHBF2 12BHPF6SLR 12BHPF10 16BHBF1 HB25.4 16BHBF4 HB28.58 HP35 HB35 HB38.1 HB38.1F1 HB38.1F3 HB38.1F4  HP38.1F9 HB38.1F10 HP40F4 HB41.4F4 HP41.75F1 HP41.75F2 
HP41.75F3 HP41.75F6 HP50F2 DH16500HP HB50F4 HB50F1-c30 HB50.8 HB50.8F4 HB50.8F14 HB60F6 HB60F7 HB63 HB63F1 HB63F2 HB63F3 HB63F4 HB63F6 HB63F7 HB63F8 HB63F14 HB80F3 HB100 HB100F8
C2042HP C2052HP C2062HP C2082HP C2042H-HP C2052HPF1 C2052HPF3 C2052H-HP C2062H-HP C2082H-HP HP40 HB40F1 HB41.4 HP50 HP50F4 HB50 HB50.8F8 C1655HP HP50.8 HB50.8F9 HB50.8F20 63HPF1 DH4202HP DH4203HP 
DH42035HP DH4204HP DH8403HP DH8404HP DH8406HP HB38.1F2 HB50.8F3 HB75 HB76.2 HB76.2F2 HB76.2F6 HB80 HP100 HP100F1 HB50.8F1 
HB25.4F2 HB25.4F4 C2062H-HPF3 HB38.1F6-R HB50.42 HB50.8F12 HB50.8F11 HB50.8F18 HB63F11 HB63F12 C2102HP HB63.5F1 HB65 HB100F10 HB100F11 HB100F9 HB100F7 HB100F3 HB100F13 HP101.6F1 HP101.6F2 HP101.6F6 HP101.6F8 HB125 HP130 HP152 HP152.4F1 HP152.4F4 
08BHPF2 08BHPF3 HB12.7 08BHPF8 40HPF1-D3 41HP 10BHPF1 10BHPF2 12BHPF1 16BHPF1 50HPF1 60HPF2 C12BHPF9 12BHPF9 60HPF3 HP38.1F10 63HP 63HPF2 63HPF4 63HPF6 63HPF11 63HPF12 C2122HPF1 



Conveyor Chain Roller Chain

Best China manufacturer & factory Conveyor Chain Roller Chain With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory Conveyor Chain Roller Chain With high quality best price

Best China manufacturer & factory Conveyor Chain Roller Chain With high quality best price